5 kinds of cowhide used to make genuine leather shoes

5 kinds of cowhide used to make genuine leather shoes

Many types of genuine leather used to make shoes, and each of them can be subdivisiond in many different types. The leather used to make the shoes includes cowhide, buffalo leather, crocodile skin. Ostrich skins, kangaroo skins, sheepskin, goat skins and more,  “cowhide”  is the most popular leather for making shoes.

Today ireceiptz recommended, Captain Lether will break down the types of cowhide for young women who love leather to study to help decide on a pair of genuine leather shoes.

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1.Full Grain Leather (genuine leather that does not remove the inner part)

It considered to be the highest quality leather, which comes from the cow’s hips with minimal decorative production process, so the leather retains its natural pattern. It is the most durable (Nubuck leather considered secondary) and more waterproof than other genuine leather. The most expensive lifespan, the most expensive. The skin’s surface coated with thin chemistry and embossed for aesthetic purposes. dullfinish and shiningfinish.

2.Top Grain Leather (High Grade Outer Leather)

This type of leather bleached and polish until it is shiny, beautifully colored, the skin is smoother, thinner, easier to clean and cheaper than Full Grain Leather.

3.Split Grain Leather (leather with inner parts removed)

Made of cowhide, the neck and abdomen. In the production process. The inner part of the leather removed and cut into thick sheets. depending on which part of the shoe cuted. This leather looks like a layer of cardboard, lighter and more breathable than Full Grain Leather   and Nubuck (Suede), but its durability and waterproof properties are inferior even after the waterproof process. In conclusion, this leather is not suitable for making shoes that emphasize durability, durability, and strength. Wear it on a more casual day.

4.Nubuck Leather

It’s a very popular movie. This type of leather is the part that comes from the cow’s hips,which is the top grain leather, which is usually thicker and harder.  Split Grain Leather made by exfoliating the skin with a high-speed polisher to create a shorter softer hairline throughout the skin of the leather sheet, resulting in softer leather but still as durable as premium leather, and dyeing in a variety of shades. This makes the skin’s texture darker and softens itself over time. But this type of leather easily scratched. Therefore, it requires more care than any other movie.

5.Roughout (Rough Skin)

The leather with a rough side formed by the muscles attached to the leather, although the leather itself is rough, the texture is soft and thick enough to make boots. Popular in World War II because it does not emphasize the silhouette of the leather. and it believed that the leather is more breathable than other leather types used to make boots. Usually this type of leathe placed on the outer part of the shoe.

6.Chamois ( Chamois Leather)

Chamomum leather has good water-repellent properties, especially soft and small blister, unique leather. Especially used as leather clothing. But when using shamoon leather to make shoes. It coated and compressed with high wax to prevent water absorption and moisture resistance that may occur when wearing it. For those who like special suede. I don’t need shiny movies, and I don’t need much care. Captain Lether recommends this Shamo movie.