How to manage your salary best


Salary bump-up problems I’d say it’s a top problem for working people. Today, I’m going to share how I used “salary  management” at the beginning of my first job and helped me start collecting money, just in case it was a way to collect people who were experiencing salary bumps. I can’t save money.

How to best manage your salary End the month-long spending problems

Let us start “Manage Salaries”  by splitting the account into 3 main accounts:

1. Savings account (20% or more) – Save as an emergency reserve and prepare for financial goals.

2. Expense account – There are both fixed expenses such as house,  car, credit card, etc., as well as variable expenses such as travel expenses, eating and buying personal items.

3. Remaining – Remaining salary from the first 2 accounts We can use it personally or save more.

How to best manage your salary End the month-long spending problems

Let’s take a look at some examples of salary allocation for people with a salary of 20,000 baht. This is just an introductory guide line, it can actually be applied according to the suitability of each person, because each person has the same salary and expenses, for example, some people do not have to pay anything, they can save more. view more beautysecret24

How to best manage your salary End the month-long spending problems

Once we’ve deducted the costs, let’s see how we manage our savings. For anyone who’s been following Tui for a while, I usually recommend using the “Financial Triangle”, which is the principle of international financial planning that tells us the order of financial planning that suits us.

Base 1 Basic Necessities and Risk Management

The basic necessity is emergency reserves 3-6 times the monthly cost.

Risk management is the transfer of risk by providing adequate insurance to each person.

Base 2: Collecting is an investment in goals that are clearly needed.

Intermediate (continued study, marriage, child  future) and long term (retirement)

On the 3rd base, investing, we can choose to invest so that the money grows according to our own needs and preferences.

Because even if an investment is a loss, it will definitely not affect the finances of our lives. Because we’ve already planned on the first and second bases.

If, on the other If we choose to invest it in marriage money first, Hopefully, the money will grow so that the wedding money will be held soon, but suddenly the stock falls, losing a lot of money. No money to get married. The wedding plan would have crashed. But if we plan on a financial triangle, even if we invest in losses, we’re still living a normal life. There’s money for marriage. Plan your future.